Who AM I

myphotoHi This is Idrees Farooq. I am really thankful to you to give a look to know about me. I’m just an ordinary & simple guy, age of 34, ¬†living in Pakistan with my small family of one Daughter and a Wife. So you see nothing special about me ūüôā¬†Before starting my online career, I was having a white collar job in my country in a multinational Bank after doing my Masters in Computer Science.¬†

In 2011, I have resigned from my job after 7 years and started to look for some other places to make money as I was in huge debit and not able to full fil my family needs with just salary only. I started working for a friend as Freelance writer as he was looking for some writer. I can still remember that I got $1.50 for my first article work from him. So officially I have earned $1.50 online as my first money and this gave me some courage to do more to earn more.

I got scammed of $1500 on my 2nd month of online career by a client on Odesk. That scam actually became a great boost in my life. As I got introduced by Fiverr from one of my buyer on odesk. I got inspired from $5 Gig idea and also all payments were upfront. Thought all payments were with Fiverr but at least I was satisfied as there was no fear to scam again.

FiverrThe next 2 years, April 2011 to Dec 2015,  I saw huge boost in my earnings on fiverr. I became Top Rated Seller across multiple profiles providing services like SEO, Social Medial ( especially facebook likes and twitter followers), Article Writing and many more. From nothing in 2011 to $10K cosistently on Fiverr, everything got changed for me. Life was now quite comfortable and I have started to look for my own home in those years as I was homeless since 2007.

In 2014, I got a chance to attached with IBT, owned by a great marketer, Muhammad Yousaf and I started mentoring to local students how to make money online. That was great period and I have seen great success in my mentoring career. 


During those days with IBT, I was thinking to do some product launching on Warriorforum but somehow this couldn’t be happened till November 2014. I was having a guy Shane Farrell as my Facebook friend and I have seen a post about his product creation coaching group where 2 of his students got back to back Deal of The Day on WarriorPlus. That was actually a turning point of my online career. I got started chat with Shane and inquired about what is product creation. In fact Shane and his partner Bryan almost did a 2 hours Interview to know more about me. Finally they said Ok to me to be part of their coaching group Breakthrough Product Creation Group. I instantly said Yes as I was really wanted to get a Mentor for my product creation career.

I also joined super coach Bill Hugal later on and I really learned a lot from him. He is really a niche person to work with and in fact he is real COACH. This is how I started launching products and building my buyer lists. Tills Now I have multiple small successful launch and one big launch 5rr Cash Machine with two other marketers Art Flair & Venkata Raman.

Below is a summary of my products I have launched till now. 

my products

 5rr Cash Machine was setup and launched through Art Flair Account so it is not added in my account. 5rrcashmachineresults

I am also making good income per month through email marketing by promoting others products as an affiliate. Here are some of my good email promotions that I did including y own product 5rr Cash Machine.



This is all till now…………. I will updated this page as I get more news. Right now working on 2 new product launches and want them to great launches again.


Stay tuned………………….