Sep 2015 Income Report – My First Online Income Report

I still can’t believe as I’m writing my first Income Report for the month of September 2015. Unbelievable but I want to give full credits to few top marketers for inspiration and getting real courage to put an honest and real Income report online for My Internet Marketing & product launches stuff.

First of all, I’m thankful to Michael Thomas ( ) and in fact this blog is a great inspirational example of his work at Mike From Mainee Blog and then my good friends and top marketers Bamdad Sky ( and Huw Hughes ( I’m fortunate enough to have these people in my Friends list at Facebook to get great inspiration all the times. Hats off to all of you guys.

So I am starting my Income report from the month of September 2015 and then It will be published regularly. This is also important to publish these income reports on conitunuous basis so that I’m able to know my progress so far from the day I stepped into Internet Marketing that is 14th Nov 2014.

Here’s my results for September , 2015


Aweber email subscribers: 1460

Twitter Followers : 0 ( just created account on Twitter. Follow Me )

Youtube Subscribers for My Channel : 23  ( Click Here To Subscribe to My Channel)

Youtube Minutes Watched : 1483 Minutes Watched



Aweber : $29

Get Response : $25

VPS Hosting : $66 – I use VPS to host my launches and also my sites.

Assistant Salary : $150

HostNine : $33 – I use Hostnine Hosting with a partner to host my Private Blog Network ( PBN)

Internet Service Charges : $100

Paid for Easy CPA Commissions JV Prizes : $200

Domain Purchase for Easy CPA Commissions Launch : $10

Paid to Fiverr Seller For Product Banners : $10

Total Expenses : $523


CPA Arbitrage Code Reloaded : $138.55 ( Promoting to My List )

Video Leads Eruption – Reloaded : $106.72 ( Promoting to My List )

Tube Commission Loophole : $99.70 ( Promoting to My List )

Clever 5rr Profits : $88.83 ( Promoting to My List )

CPA Income Explosion : $48.30 ( Promoting to My List )

I.M Underdog : $47.68 ( Promoting to My List )

Simple CPA Siphon RELOADED : $37.49 ( Promoting to My List )

Azon Niche Dominator : $35.18 ( Promoting to My List )

Fiverr Cash Typhoon: $30.26 ( Promoting to My List )

Mobile Streaming Profits : $25.93 ( Promoting to My List )

Fiverr Profits X : $22.93 from Review I did

Arbitrage Domination  :  $20.89 ( Promoting to My List )

Simple Profits System : $20.49 ( Promoting to My List )

CPA Commission Machine : $19.38 from Interview with Andy

The Big Buck Method: $16.21 ( Promoting to My List )

GANGSTAGRAM CASH : $14.05 from Interview with Tobias

Watch Me Generate $60k on the Warrior Network – $8.37

Total Income from Affiliate Commissions : $780.96

Jv Profit from Easy CPA Commissions Launch : $150

Revenue From Coaching Students : $200

So Total Revenue : $1130.96


Total Profit : $1130.96 – $523 = $607.96


I’ve some other income streams like Fiverr & SEO however I would like to keep my income reports mostly around my product launches and email marketing income for this blog. I am on a mission to make my Internet Marketing Income to my major income stream and working hard at the moment.

Upcoming Plans for October 2015

I’ve 2 Product launches in october 2015 so I’m really excited to make them big launches. My recent product launch Easy CPA Commissions didn’t do well as we’ve planned. So to overcome last failure, need some success in upcoming launches. So working hard.

See you guys till October Income Report.